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Getting Started

I want to attend, what do I do now?

We assume if you're on this page you already have a pretty good idea that you want to / will be attending the hotel and just want the basic steps to register. You MUST do #1 and #2 here to attend the convention. #3 is needed if you want/need to stay it the convention hotel.

Where do sign up to attend the convention?
You must do both of these - your registration will not and is not complete without doing BOTH
#1 Go here to register for the con (registration here will NOT get you a hotel room)
#2 Then go here to purchase your ticket

Where do I go to get a hotel room?
#3 Go here to register for a room at the hotel (registration heere will NOT register you for the con).

Those ( literally 1 , 2 , 3 ) are pretty much the basic things you have to do to attend our con. Outside of planning a way to travel and GET to Chicago, if you do the abovethen you can pretty much just show up at the con and let the weekend take you where it will.

Where Are You Having it at?
The convention will take place at the Congress Plaza Hotel and Music Box Theatre. There are also events plannned at other locations. Our venues page will always have the conplete list of locations for official convention events.

When is it? (dates)
The official convention dates are June 19th-June 22nd, 2014.
There are also other unofficial events and outings taking plave several dats before and after these dates.

What is a Rocky Convention all about?
In it's simpleist and most basic sense and Rocky Horror convention is a gathering of fans from all around the country (and, the world) to meet and bond as friends and peers based on our love of Richard O'Brien's cult classic movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What you will find at a Rocky horror convention are; Showing of the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live performance floor show, and the Rocky Horror pseudo sequel Shock Treatment (usually takes place before Rocky Horror and also with a live floor show accompanyment). You will find a lot of drinking (alcohol), sex (in private, of course), people in costumes (Rocky Horror and otherwise), vendors selling Rocky Horror related merchandise, tangent events and topical discussions with peers and people from all around the country perfroming in various floor show casts, as well as people that are simply fans that attend shows or just love the movie. We welcome all - you DON'T have to be a part of a floor show cast to be welcome at our event.

What you will not find at a Rocky Horror convention is an atmosphere hostile to your involvement in Rocky Horror. We do NOT tolerate or accept ANY hositility or negative attitudes towards your participation in following and performing in this movie. We also celebrate all genders and sexual identities and strive to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all people that isn't normally found outside of our "family" of fans and performers.

Please explore our site at the links above and find out the details about our 4 day event.

What extras do you have at the convention?
Our amenities page has a list of the "extras" we will have as part of our event. It is far from an exhaustive list as we want to have *some* bonuses and surprises at our convention, and we also aren't sure we will have the time a/o budget to to everything we would like to do.

What else is there to do in Chicago, outside and beyond the convention?
We are preparing a guide with details about getting to Chicago, around the city when you get here, and notable stuff to do whaile you're in the city. Many of our attendees are already planning vacations and stays that include days before and after the con, so they may take in many of the wonderful things our city has to offer.

Disclaimer; As with all convention schedules, all events and amenities are subject to change. We have tried to give a rough estimate of the schedule for planning, but any number of things can have an effect on how and even if the event will occur, including financial, hotel/theater restrictions/requirements, all the way down to "we just decided not to do it." While the website *should* always reflect the current status of an event or feature, it's possible some things may be chafed or canceled with little to no notice. We suggest you add/follow our our Twitter feed as any significant changes up to and through the convention weekend will be tweeted.

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