Rocky Horror / Shock Treatment 2014 Convention Scene Breakdown.

Our anticipated break down of scenes by movie is as follows. When applying for roles, it is best to choose as much as you are willing to perform - you are more likely to be cast if you have more time/options. If you vastly prefer a specific segment of a role, but are willing to perform more than that segment, please list that segment first and the rest of the role/segments you're willing to do as a "second" (or third, etc.) choice. We will (probably) cast some roles over multiple scenes, separated by costume changes, but will take individual role choices into consideration first.

Please note, all Transylvanian roles will be handled by Midnight Madness for Rocky Horror, as they know the space / layout and blocking of our stage and our tech cues.


Shock Treatment Movie
Overture / Denton USA
Denton Dossier / Marriage Maze
In My Own Way / A Routine Checkup
Infantile Regression
Detonvale Intro
Happy Homes / Dentonvale Dinner
Looking at an Ace
Written Out
Lullaby/Ancient Mariner/An On-Set Snack
Little Black Dress
Me of Me
Shock Treatment
Looking for Trade
A Masquerade / A Date with the Past
Look What I Did to my ID
Breaking Out / Faith Factory
Duel Duet
Anyhow Anyhow


Rocky Horror Movie
Science Fiction Double Feature
Wedding / Dammit Janet
Car Scene / Over at the Frankenstein Place
A Castle / Time Warp
Sweet Transvestite.
Come Up to the Lab
Creation Scene / Sword of Damocles
I Can Make You a Man
Whatever Happened to Saturday Night - Eddie Swarm
I Can Make You a Man Reprise
Bedroom (Janet)
Rocky Breaks His Chains
Bedroom (Brad)
If Only / Toucha
Master, We Have a Visitor
Dinner Scene
Planet Schmanet
The Floorshow
Takeover / I'm Going Home
You Are To Remain Here / Superheroes
SFDF Reprise

If you wish to get a better feel of how we will potentially break up the roles/segments and slot the performers, you may look at our cast listing from our 2006 convention (WARNING - LARGE PDF FILE / LOAD TIME).

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